Whether you’d like to alter your appearance for a boost in confidence, need it done for medical purposes, or would prefer a certain look over the one you’ve been born with, many people opt to have plastic surgery done. But what should you expect from your facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC experience? Today we give you an idea on what will happen both before and after your procedure.

facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC


The very first step is to schedule a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon in your area. During the consultation, your surgeon will ask questions about your medical history and general health status to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Then the two of you will discuss what you are looking to achieve through plastic surgery. Price and whether insurance will cover the procedure will also be discussed.

Often, consultations are two-part. This is because plastic surgery is (typically) permanent, so your surgeon will want to ensure you are 100% committed to the change. The second appointment will be to make sure you still desire the procedure. Your surgeon will also have your medical history by this point, so they can verify your health status.


After your surgery you can expect some recovery or downtime. How much depends on which specific procedure you have done. Typical timeframes include anything from a few hours (with Botox, for example) to three weeks. If any incisions were made, you may have to be on antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. You may also be prescribed a short dose of pain medication for comfort.

During this time, your plastic surgeon will see you back in his office to check that you are healing properly. If everything is good, he will give you the clear to get back to your normal schedule. If anything occurs, it will be caught early on and can easily be rectified.